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About us

Heritage Woodcare and Leathercare are a superb range of polishes with many other uses than their names. They are based on Victorian craftsman recipes updated to cope with modern materials and they have been manufactured in Dublin by Drigate products since the mid 1980s. They have been marketed in the UK by DCK Services since 1998.

DCK Services is a family owned business founded in 1988 and was originally formed to sell pet care products locally in Coventry. In 1998 the opportunity arose, through family connections, to change course and market the Heritage range. The woodcare was first shown at the 1998 Town and Country Show at Stoneleigh Park in Coventry. DCK Services then increased its range to include the leathercare and has gone from strength to strength. We now attend many different shows every year: craft shows, garden shows, antique fairs, motor shows etc., however we still remain loyal to the Town and Country.

We now also sell many limited-run items that give our customers excellent value and are constantly on the lookout for other products we can market that will maintain this excellent value.

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